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 Plough Inn is at far end on the left. Looking from the East


Plough Inn looking from the West

 From The Packer Collection
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Not very much is known about the Inn and such as is known is taken from the chat function on the Roots website.

The Inn stood on or near the cross roads to Barford St John and Duns Tew from the 1700s up until the early 1960s when it was demolished. It ceased to sell liquor in the mid 1930s. 


1714 Aris sold to Allen

1762 Allen sold to Enock. Several mortages raised on it

1829 Mortgages sold to James Coggins, farmer

1839 James Coggins raised mortgages

1864 12 May Edward Coggins - Middle & Steeple Barton Farmer - succeeded James as mortagee on his death

1876 Edward Coggins sold to Robert S Wise of Banbury a 'Dr of Medicine'

1881 Occupied by Reuben Thornton Innkeeper (58) and his wife Fanny (54)

1895-1902 " My great-grandfather, John Thomas Butler, ran the Plough from  c.1895 , when he married his second wife, until his death in 1902.  His second wife, Eliza, had previously worked for C F Edmunds, partner in the Hunt Edmunds brewery, which owned the Plough at that time, and after her marriage he seems to have given John the job of innkeeper" (comment by Joyce Hoad on Roots website)

1910 Stone and slated 2 floor Licensed House with yard. Owner Hunt Edmunds and co-occupier J White