(From the Rev. E. Marshall’s Deddington). List of Rectors, or other Early Clergy.

Ranulph Brito (Le Bret) Rector, died 1247.
Ethelmar de Valence was instituted 1247.
John Walrond was instituted 1269.
Nicholas de Marnham, Rector, died 1292.
William de Holecote was instituted 1292.
Adam de Bernentone was Vicar (qu. substitute of the Rector) 1312.
Robert de Harwedon resigned 1318.
William Aylmer, instituted 1318, died 1328.
William de Neuport, instituted 1328, died 1332.
Remigius was Chaplain of Deddington circ. 1332.
John de Goldyngham was instituted 1332.
Hugh de Neuton, Rector, died 1345.
William de Annem was instituted 1345. 

  The interval between 1345 and 1523, during which no name is mentioned, follows the cessation of the institution of Rectors, on the appropriation of the Church by the Dean and Canons of Windsor.

                          VICARS AND OTHERS.

William Farmer was Vicar in 1523.
Thomas Hotchynson was Vicar in 1534.
Thomas Hodgkinson (qu. the same as the preceding) was Vicar
  in I534-43·
John Brown was instituted in 1543, resigned 1558.
John Giyffth was described by testators as "my ghostly father,"
   (qu. Chantry priest) 1545.
William Edlynson was instituted 1558.
Christopher Allsop was instituted 1565.
William Bennett was instituted 1595, died 1619.
John Edmunds, B.A., was instituted 1619, died 1630.
William Bradenell, M.A., was instituted 1630, died 1654.
William Hall, Vicar in 1644, died 1654.
James Wyer, Vicar in I660 died 1664.
Samuel Northcote, M.A., was instituted 1664.
Clifton Stone was Minister (Par. Reg.) qu. Vicar, 1667.
Jaspar Cann was Minister (Par. Reg.) qu. Vicar, in 1669, I670.
Jeremiah Wheate, Vicar in 1673, died 1697.
Charles King, instituted 1697, died 1700.
Richard Short, instituted 1700, died 1747.
John Short, B.A., instituted 1747, died 1752.
John Henchman, M.A., instituted 1752, died 1790.
John Faulkner, B.A., instituted 1790, died 1802.
Richard Greaves, instituted 1802, resigned 1836.
William Cotton Risley, M.A., instituted 1836, resigned 1848.
James Brogden, M.A., instituted 1848, died 1864.
James Turner, B.A., instituted 1864, resigned 1877.
Thomas Boniface, M.A., instituted 1878, resigned 1924.
Maurice Frost, M.A., instituted 1924.

  For 1802 as the date of John Faulkner’s death and Richard Greaves’ institution, William Wing in his ‘Supplement’ substitutes 1822, calling it ‘an erroneous date twice repeated.' He writes ‘it was in 1822, not 1802, that Vicar Faulkner died and was succeeded by the Rev. Richard Greaves; the present writer (William Wing) born in 1810, well recollects the Rev. John Faulkner in the reading desk facing north with a clerk's seat below him and a pulpit above.' The list in the church gives 1821 and 1822 as death and institution dates respectively.

   The Latin Rolls of the Court of the Prior of Bicester supply one name that helps to fill the interval mentioned between 1345 and 1523. The entry is as follows :—"Walter Cheyne, Vicar of Dadyngton is granted a toft (a messuage with right of common) hard by Sotty Lane." (Satin Lane, now often called St. Thomas’ Street).

   The latter is named, not after a Saint, but after one Thomas Parish who owned land there.