by Jon Malings

Some of the Court cases Henry was involved in.

Sued by the Board of Trade for £1 10s., the cost of repatriating a seaman who had deserted Elf in Sweden.

Dispute over compensation with the owners of the Long Ditton who had taken Elf in tow after she had become disabled.

Sued the Trinity House Corporation, ostensibly to recover £16 14s. 3d “light dues” charged on coal carried by Oxon in excess of the amount needed to steam to her next destination.  In actual fact the case was aimed at testing the Powers of the Trinity House Corp., it’s significant that Henry Samman put himself forward to do this.

Made a claim for £30 18s. 4d. against Captain W. H. Coysh, formerly master of SS Somerton for, amongst other things, the cost of carriage of 200 turkeys which belonged to Captain Coysh, the ship’s mate, and steward. 

Sued for £50 after attacking a fellow rider while out with the Holderness Hunt. 

In 1911 (aged 62) Henry was called as a witness in the case of Mrs. Ellen Ford, who was seeking a judicial separation from her husband on the grounds of cruelty.  While at Mr. Ford’s house Henry heard him use “filthy language” to his wife.  He told Mr. Ford he was not a man and that he would not stop there to see a lady insulted.  “Then we had a ‘scrap’ in the dining-room” added Mr. Samman.  They had a tumble on the floor and afterwards Mr. Ford apologised.  Read more about Mrs Ford’s court case here.