by Jon Malings

Transcribed from the York Herald, April 2nd, 1884.

Yesterday in the Court of Admiralty, London before Mr. Justice Butt with Trinity Masters, the owner and master and crew of the S. S. Long Ditton claimed remuneration for salvage services rendered to the Elf, of Hull, on the 23rd of November near the Land’s End. The Elf was observed to be flying signals of distress, and the Long Ditton went within hailing distance of her, when her master stated that her tail shaft had broken and that he wanted to be towed to Cardiff.  The Long Ditton accordingly took the Elf in tow and took her to safety to Penarth Roads.  The Elf is of 1172 tons gross register and of the value of £9500. Mr. Henry Samman of Queen’s Dockside, Hull is the managing owner.  The owners tendered £300 as sufficient for the services performed, but the plaintiffs stated that they were entitled to more compensation.  The Court awarded £450 and costs.