Battle of Passchendaele - BBC broadcast from Deddington (2017)

 Rob Forsyth

On 31 July 2017 BBC TV South and Radio Oxford broadcast programmes from Deddington about the Battle of Passchendaele which commenced on 31 July 1917 and whose horrors came to define WWI. The programmes featured the brothers Norman and Arthur Chislett and Ted Hancox - one of three brothers the other two of whom died elsewhere at other times - all three of whom died at Passchendaele.

The programmes drew heavily on the information contained in the book A Parish at War and this website but added valuable new information about where and under what circumstances they died. We acknowledge and are most grateful to BBC South and BBC Oxford for providing the audio and video files linked (see blue links) below.

Four other Deddington men also died at Passchendaele and are remembered - Percival Bannard, Clarence Gilkes, Ernest Hawkins, Hubert Sykes.

Radio Oxford Breakfast Programme

NB: The link from the title above is to the whole 3 hours of the programme - click on the play button at the top of the linked page then use the time-lines below to listen to the relevant segments.

From (hrs' mins" secs"')
BBC South Breakfast Programme -  Introduction
00' 00'' 00"'
00' 1'' 23"'
Presenter talks about the impact of WWI on villages across UK
00' 29'' 08"'
00' 30'' 00"'
Rob Forsyth talks about the impact of WWI on Deddington00' 39'' 30"'00' 42'' 56"'
Chislett Brothers

The Chislett shop on Market Place
00' 9'' 20"'
00' 13'' 19"'
Norman Chislett
1' 09" 15"'
1' 11" 20"'
Arthur Chislett and the Chislett names on the Menin Gate
1' 12" 08"'
1' 17" 20"'
Arthur Chislett
2' 32" 48"'
2' 39" 16"'
Hancox Brothers

Ted Hancox
2' 39" 45"'
2' 44" 55"'
Ted Hancox and others' battlefield crosses in the church
2' 47" 15"'
2' 48" 34"'

Walter & William Hancox deaths, the family as bell ringers
and their father's hand carved memorial

2' 53" 20"'

BBC TV South 

Both videos are approx 2 minutes long and have titles for the hard of hearing.

The Chislett brothers

The Hancox brothers

More about all the men and women from Deddington who served in wars from Waterloo to Afghanistan today can be found in A Parish at War