The following names are identified as 'S/Lt' or  'Lt' or 'Lt Cmdr' in the list of names. These are distinctively different from all RAF ranks which are clearly listed as 'Flt Lt' or 'Wg Cdr' . The Royal Naval Fleet Air Arm Museum, Yeovilton, has kindly provided the following information.

Lt Thomas George BENTLEY RN crashed in his Fairey Swordfish (Ser. L.9742) of 812 squadron near Dunkirk when on a bombing sortie on 15 November 1940.

Lt Nathaniel Martin HEARLE RN failed to return from a minelaying sortie off Holland in a Fairey Swordfish (Ser. 2819) of 812 Squadron on 22 August 1940.

S/Lt Walter HARDAKER RNVR (618) Navy Lists him as Temporary S/Lt. Crashed his Fairey Albacore (Ser. X.9154) of 821 Squadron in the Libyan desert on 5 August 1942 and became a POW of the Italians.

A/Lt Hugh Kavanagh SERGEANT RN (3715) was shot down and crashed near Varso, Norway, while flying a Fairey Albacore (Ser. N.4288) of 827 Squadron from HMS VICTORIOUS on 30 July 1941.

Probably FAA but not yet identified as such:


S/Lt JR FALLS  (194)    

Lt Cmdr PE FANSHAWE (95) 




Note the numbers in brackets in bold after the names are as listed in the ledger. They could be service numbers or POW numbers.