Radio Oxford Interviews (2011)- A Parish at War

 Rob Forsyth

To mark the publication of the book A Parish at War on 11 November 2011 Radio Oxford conducted and broadcast a number of interviews with some of the people in the book and who helped research and publish it. The 17 minute recording accessed from this LINK contains the original recordings in full rather than the edited version as broadcast. We are most grateful to the BBC for providing us with it. The timeline below lists who is speaking and when (in mins: secs) from the start. Note that there is no pause between the individual recordings; they follow seamlessly on from each other.

Corporal Bill Cowley RM
Served in WWII - tells how he was wounded in Normandy
Commander Rob Forsyth RN
Served in submarines in the Cold War 1962-80 and how A Parish at War came to be published
Aircraftwoman 1st Class Daphne Canning
Served in WWII - Radio Operator at Chicksands - an outpost of Bletchley Park
Joyce Minnear
Being resident in Deddington in WWII and talks of her husband CQMS Bill Minnear's POW experiences
Primary School children
Talk about WWII which they have been studying
Leading Aircraftman Len Plumbe
Served in WWII - his experiences in India and the jungles of Burma
Michael Allbrook
Talks about his research into the men who served and died in WWI & WWII
Major David Hood MC (Branch President RBL)
Served as a National Serviceman in the Far East 1951-77


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