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 1850 to 1859

References to Deddington, Clifton and Hempton

David French

This project was conceived during the third national coronavirus lockdown in early 2021, when record depositories and libraries were closed. The objective was to summarise all references to the Parish, including Clifton and Hempton, in Jackson's Oxford Journal and the Banbury Guardian, and occasionally other newspapers, during the years 1850 to 1859, when Deddington was still a small market town rather than a large village as now, using just online sources.

During the 1850s, the population of the Parish decreased by 10% from 2,176 in 1851 to 1,952 in 1861. By 1901 the population had declined to 1,491, reflecting the Great Agricultural Depression from 1873 to 1896. The population of the Parish in 2011 was 2,146.  


Consistent with nineteenth century provincial newspaper practice, the Oxford and Banbury newspapers also used to include reports on events in towns and villages in their respective hinterland.

In the case of Deddington, the news reports included:

  • inquests in the locality, since the Coroner for North Oxfordshire, John Churchill (1785-1863), was a Deddington solicitor;
  • news from satellite villages such as Lower Heyford and Duns Tew;
  • proceedings of the Wootton North Division Petty Sessions, which covered 15 parishes, and met at Deddington.


Digest of local press references 1850-1854

Digest of local press references 1855-1859

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Dramatis personae

This section contains biographical information about a number of the principal inhabitants of Deddington during the 1850s.

The contemporary press reports suggest that the following were the most prominent personalities in the life of the town during this period: the Rev. James Brogden (Vicar 1848-1864), his predecessor the Rev. W.C. Risley, Charles Faulkner, Samuel Field and Henry Churchill, both solicitors.

The biographical information focuses on the 1850s, primarily by reference to the Banbury and Oxford papers.

It should be noted that no specific research has been undertaken in respect of earlier and later periods for the purposes of the project. This must await a separate project or projects. Certain of the information may therefore be subject to revision in due course.

The introductions to Smedley-Stevenson's two series of extracts from the diaries of the Rev. W.C. Risley contain short biographical details about a larger number of local inhabitants and others.*

Gardner's Directory of 1852 contains listings of principal inhabitants, tradesmen and farmers.

* 'Early Victorian Squarson - The Diaries of William Cotton Risley, Vicar of Deddington, 1835-1848', and 'Mid-Victorian Squarson - The Diaries of William Cotton Risley, Former Vicar of Deddington, 1849-1869', Geoffrey Smedley-Stevenson (ed.), The Banbury Historical Society, Vol. 29, 2007 and Vol. 32, 2012.

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