Deddington Common Field divisions

by Jon Malings

The Deddington Quality Book places it's 300 land parcels under 21 (mostly) geographic headings.  It's possible that some of these correspond to the 12 or so common fields around Barford St John/Hempton, Deddington and Clifton.  We have yet to attach locations to all of these but a number appear on the Deddington Millenium Map of Farms and Fieldnames. 

Earls Pieces

Piss Hill

Windmill Hill

Old Hall Hill

Banbury Turnpike East - Barley Quarter

Banbury Turnpike West

Banbury Turnpike East

Fallow Quarter or Downs

Heyford Hill
Due south of the Hempton Road, just on the outskirts of Deddington

Oil Hill
Possibly Hoyle Hill on the east side of the Oxford Rd from the point where St. Sthomas meets it.

Harbours Hill

Near Taint (Tait?) Hill

Farr Tait Hill


Battle Thorn Hill

Midway between Deddington and Clifton, about 4 fields north of the road, close to Papermill Cottages.

Coombe Hill
On the north bank of the river Swere at a point midway between Deddington and Hempton.  Now in Adderbury Parish.  Presumably some of it belonged to Barford St. John in 1807.

Fox Hill

Sechley Hill

Dewmans Mead

Great Meadow

TomWell Hill
Tomwell Farm and Little Tom Hill are due south of Hempton, almost at the parish boundary with the Sor brook.