Column A:  A sequence key number that we have inserted to allow re-sorting back to the original spreadsheet

Column B: The map key number identifying the property.  Note that there are some keys which contain alpha, e.g. 130a 

Column C: First name of the proprietor

Column D: Surname of the proprietor

Column E: The map extract that the property is on,  Clifton, Deddington, Hempton or none.  We were unable to capture a map of the whole parish.

Column F: The nature of the holding, freehold, leasehold  etc:

c = Copyhold  c ch = copyhold Christchurch College   c ch ca = copyhold ??   c ch da = copyhold ?? 
c d = Copyhold Dutchey  c w = Copyhold Windsor
l ch = lease Christ church College  l mag = Lease Magdelen College  l w = Lease Windsor
b = Nothing shown   life = Lifetime interest  f = Freehold  nc = New College
* = Benjamin Churchill, half c ch ca and half c ch da.

Column G: Description of the holdng

Columns H I J: Land allocated  for stonepits, roads and in lieu of tithes, in Acres, Roods and Poles

Columns K L M:  New allocations of land

Columns N O P: Existing holdings (old inclosures)

Columns Q R S:  Total holding of the individual 

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