Ralph's Walks - On The Western Circuit

At the south end of the village there is quite a good footpath on the left hand side of the Oxford Road. It is about a quarter-mile long, but in late summer protruding branches can force you out on to the busy and dangerous road. You then have a rather less easy passage along the grass verge for about the same distance. In the growing season the grass and nettles here can be too dense to get through. This takes you to the summit of the hill which provides a good view either way to enable you to cross to the first opening on the right hand side of the road, the steepish and rather muddy entrance to Plumdon Lane. Great caution is needed in crossing the main road.

Plumdon Lane must be about a mile long and, except in the wettest weather, is wide enough to negotiate without much trouble. The first section has a high hedge on the right through which there are occasional glimpses of the village across undulating fields. The next section has low hedges on either side, at the end of which one begins to enjoy some beautiful views to the South. This continues as one skirts open fields and approaches Tomwell Farm. It was along here that Ken Hart reported seeing a number of deer last August. You may be greeted by a friendly black dog that thoroughly enjoys retrieving a stone or two. He will politely say farewell to you at the sudden sharp turn to the right on to the roadway - just over half a mile in length - that delivers you to the Hempton Road.

You are unlikely to be troubled by any traffic, but the going can be uncomfortable if the wind is from the North. The fine new Hempton footpath will of course bring you back to Deddington. The distance of the walk is a little over three miles. I should allow about an hour and a quarter.

Map of western circuit walk