The walks I have described have taken us quite far and wide and have been very varied. The longest has been about six miles - the shortest under three, but they can of course in conjunction with one another be considerably extended. I reckon that you could well cover ten miles or more. There are three other walks which I occasionally take when it is particularly muddy underfoot and I am tired of cleaning my walking boots, but for these you may need a car.

  1. The gated road to Milton. Using the Oxford Road and going via the OCC Depot, there is reasonably clean walking all the way to the Black Boy at Milton (opening times 11.30 weekdays and 12.00 on Sundays!) The views up on the top between the two gates are superb. I sometimes get Marianne to drop me off at the Black Boy if we have been in Banbury and it takes about 45 minutes to get home. I prefer to diverge on the way home via Cosy Lane rather than use the main road.
  2. The gated road at Nether Worton. This is a lovely spot. Take the left hand turn when you get to Hempton. About a mile down the road you can turn off to the right and park. If you then walk on right through, at the end you come to the charming little church of Nether Worton; just this side of it is the prettiest of farmhouses. On the way back if you take the road up to the right half way along, you can go up to Over Worton, a very attractive and quiet village with a delightful view (and convenient seat) up at the church.
  3. Bodicote. There is a very good circular walk here through and round the village. It is very varied with all sorts of interesting sights - a reservoir, a mill and a windmill among them. It is about three miles and takes about an hour. There is a splendid leaflet "Bodicote Circular Walk and Salt Way Nature Trail" (which includes a map) available from the Leisure Department, Cherwell District Council at Bodicote House. I would recommend parking by the The Plough and returning here for one of Mrs. Blencowe's excellent weekday lunches, washed down with Mr. Blencowe's home-brewed ale.