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The Great Deddington Skirmish was researched and written by Geoffrey Hindley specifically for the very first edition of the Deddington News in September 1976. The other three stories that follow were published in later editions. Geoffrey had lived in Deddington since 1966 and was President of the Deddington Society. This organization no longer exists but it has been well replaced by the Deddington & District Historical Society. Geoffrey was - and still is - a well known  author and editor and has written numerous books on music and history, such as Castles of Europe, The Medieval Establishment, Medieval Warfare, The Shaping of Europe and A Biography of Saladin. His first story about John Aston of Somerton features in his book England in the Age of Caxton 1979.  Still in print are his recent paperbacks, Brief History of the Crusades and A Brief History of the Magna Carta both published by Constable and Robinson. Copies of his other books are often available on specialist websites and on e bay. We are very grateful for his permission to republish the four stories again.

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