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by Jon Malings 

There are, in the National Archives, a number of letters from Henry Churchill, sent in 1845 on behalf of the Churchwardens and Overseers of Deddington, regarding the funding or grant from the Poor-Law Commissioners to assist pauper emigration. 

In addition there is a form, stamped “received PLC April 28 1845” :

A LIST and DESCRIPTION of the Persons desirous of EMIGRATING from the Parish of Deddington in the County of Oxfordshire.

This form gives details of 19 people, men, women and children, who sailed from Southampton, April 19 1845, on the ship Saint Anne, Richards commanding, bound for Quebec and Montreal.

 MALES Above
14 years
of Age 
7 & 14 yrs
of age
Under 7
of age


 William Gibbs 32

Married Labourer 0.11.2¼
 John Bennett 20

Single do.   --
 Samuel Pain 25

do. 1.3.10
 William Miller 19

Single do. 1.7.7½
 William Vincent 19

Single do.    3.6
 Thomas Williams 48

Single do. 3.18.7½
 Thomas Bonham 21

Single do.    6.8¾
 Horatio Williams

 Benjamin Gibbs

 John Gibbs

 Edward Gibbs

 Henry Gibbs


 Charles Pain


 William Pain



 Hannah Gibbs 27

Married Labourer    3.2¼
 May Pain 21

do. do.    3.2¼
 Harriet Williams 15

Single do. 3.18.7½
 Lidia Williams
do. do. 3.18.7½
 Elizabeth Gibbs

5 do. do. 3.2¼

Destination: Montreal

John Scroggs Outgoing Overseer, Deddington, Woodstock Union. 

The Paine Family

Samuel Paine (Pain/Payne) was born on the 7th July 1820 in Deddington and christened on July 30th.  His parents were Samuel and Ann (Bennett) so he was possibly related to one of the other emigrants, John Bennett. On his baptismal entry his father's occupation is given as "labourer".

Samuel married Mary Callow on July 14th 1842 in Deddington. 

The first record we have of the family's new home is at the birth of their son George in Indian Lake, Hamilton County, New York state. Mary gave birth to another 7 children while they lived there. In 1867 they left for the Dakota Territories where Samuel set up as a homesteader. They travelled from New York to Ottumwa, Illinois by train and then on, to Civil Bend, Dakota Territory, by stagecoach. The family appears on the 1870 census in Civil Bend and then, in 1880, at Sioux Valley, Union, South Dakota.

Mary (Callow) died in 1885.  Samuel remarried sometime afterwards.  He died on 22nd February 1893 in Aberdeen, Brown County, South Dakota and is buried beside Mary, his first wife, in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Alcester, SD. 

The Gibbs Family 

William Gibbs was baptised in Deddington on 15th of May 1814.  He married Hannah Golder of Somerton around 1834.

At the baptism of all their children William was described as a labourer. 

The family appears on the 1851 Canadian Census, living in Sutton, Missisquoi County, Quebec.  As well as their 4 children born in England they also have 3 born in Bas (Lower) Canada; William c. 1845, Manuel (! probably Samuel) c. 1847 and George c.1850

William Gibbs died in Vermont in July 1888, Hannah, three years later, in August 1891 

Many thanks to Denise Howes of Deddington, who is related to Samuel Pain's wife Mary (Callow).  And to Judy A. Evans of South Dakota, Samuel Paine's great great granddaughter