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by Jon Malings


 Five generations of Connecticut Knibbs.

This photograph was taken on 8th May 1908 in Connecticut, USA and shows James KNIBBS aged 78 years. With him are his daughter, Mrs Root aged 56, her daughter Mrs John Habershon aged 34, her daughter Mrs Archie Young aged 17, and her son Archie Arthur Young aged 6 months. Mrs Root is James' daughter Ann Knibbs having remarried after her first husband died in 1898. Mrs John Habershon is Ann's daughter Minnie from her first marriage to Elijah Roberts. Mrs Archie Young is Minnie's daughter Irene.

James Knibbs was born August 10th 1828 in Clifton, the son of James and Mary Ann (Wills).  He married Ellen Collin of Westbury, Bucks in 1850 and they emigrated to Connecticut with their two children sometime around 1855.

The Knibbs were an old established Deddington family with many branches.  Read more about them by following this link


From the Hartford Courant, Jun 27, 1914: 

Unionville, June 26.

     In the death of James Knibbs, whose funeral was this afternoon, Unionville loses a man who during his fifty-five years residence in the village endeared himself by his geniality and unfailing friendship. Born in Clifton, Deddingtonshire, England, in 1829, at the age of twenty-one he married Miss Ellen Collins of his native city, who was then in her nineteenth year. Emigrating to this country in 1858 they settled in Unionville and the family home remained here ver since. Mr. Knibbs was a builder and mason until very recent years when his advanced age caused him to retire from active work and he busied himself about his farm in the West District. He delighted in remembering the hardships with which workmen were formerly confronted and comparing present conditions with the past. In olden times he was employed in West Hartford and masons at that time had to work ten hours for a day's pay. He walked the eleven miles to and from work each day and never thought of losing any time from his labor.
     His wife died in 1885 and Mr. Knibbs leaves seven children and descendants to the fifth generation. The children are William H. and James of Waterbury, Mrs. O. A. Root of Southington, a daughter, Mrs. Delmore Wetherby, and three sons, B. R., J. W., AND J. E., of Unionville.
     A picture which he prized highly showed him with the five generations of his family. They are Mr. Knibbs, Mrs. O. A. Root, his eldest daughter: his granddaughter, Mrs. John Habershon of South Meriden, Mrs. Irene Young of South Meriden, a great-granddaughter, and Mrs. Young's children. Mr. Knibbs was in his eighty-sixth year.


Many thanks to Don Knibbs for this information and the wonderful photograph.