June 22, Thanks from the Passengers

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by Jon Malings

 To the Worshipful the Mayor and inhabitants of Liverpool. 

We, the passengers and ship’s crew, now lying in the Brutus, find ourselves called on to acknowledge the receipt of your favours under our depressed and unprecedented trials; yet trusting that out of all our troubles the Lord shall set us free.

Your favours have revived some, strengthened others, and called forth expressions of gratitude from all. In hopes of a continuance of your sympathy and exertions, we wish to assure you, as we hereby do, of our most unqualified thanks.

Signed on behalf of all the passengers, 
                 GEORGE M’CLATCHEY, A.M. 
                 ANDREW NEILSON. 
                 W. M. THOMPSON, M.R.C. of Surgeons in London. 
                 Wm. TURNER. 
On board the Brutus, 18th June, 1832