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by Jon Malings 


 We have received several communications respecting this ill-fated vessel and the unfortunate passengers who have been thrown back upon our shores under such appalling circumstances. Many of these communications are unfit for the public eye, as the writers do not scruple to make the most serious charges against the proprietors of the vessel, for having taken more passengers on board than the law allows, and for other alleged conduct, which it would be improper and unsafe to publish on anonymous authority. All that we shall say upon the subject is, that, in our opinion, a full investigation of the circumstances of the case ought to be instituted ; and if we were like the owners of the vessel under such peculiar circumstances, we should feel it our duty to court rather than to shun inquiry. We particularly recommend an examination of the water casks, as the quality of that element may have had much to do with the production of the pestilence which has proved so fatal.