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by Jon Malings

We have not been in the habit of publishing nostrums for the cholera, because we are of opinion that in this disease especially the faculty ought to be promptly consulted; but the following communication, which we re-publish for the sake of the medical men, who may not yet have met with it, appears to us to merit attention, as proceeding from that country where cholera may be said to hold its court. The medicine prescribed, too, is so moderate that the letter does not seem to have been fabricated, like too many others, for the express purpose of raising the price of the articles prescribed.
(From the Asiatic Journal for June.)
Sir – Through your paper 1 wish once more to call the attention of the public to an invaluable remedy in cases of dysentery and cholera. I claim no title to originality in the prescription, for it was published by Government, through their own servants, I believe, nearly two years ago; but I have seen its efficacy in innumerable instances, and the conclusion I have come to is, that where it is prescribed in the early stages of the disease the cure is infallible, and even in extreme cases very often effectual. The receipt is very simple: two grains of opium (opheem), two of assafoetida (heeng), and two grains of black pepper (gool-merich), made into a pill, and by no means forgetting to order it to be well chewed before swallowing. I have used the prescription for several years; many of my neighbours have done the same, and so far as I am aware, the opinion is one and the same regarding it. In some cases I have found it advisable to give a second pill, at the interval of an hour or two, but never had recourse to a greater quantity.—I am, &c..
    Bowany Gunge Mymensing      DAVID SMITH.