Within the grounds of the Holly Tree Club, between the rear of the clubhouse and the cottage behind, stands a small headstone (10" x 7") marking the grave of an Airedale terrier, called Jack, who served with the Army Dog Corps during World War I. As noted above, at the time the grounds of the Holly Tree Club were part of the kitchen garden of The Hermitage.


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The majority of the Dog Corps came from dog's homes or were strays held by the police but some were also volunteered by their owners. They were mainly employed as message and telegraph cable-reel carriers.

One can only conjecture whether Jack was born in Deddington in 1914 and subsequently was volunteered or was adopted when the Dog Corps members  were 'demobbed' and good homes were needed. After surviving the Great War, he outlived his master to a good age, dying in 1927.

It is not known how long The Hermitage remained in the ownership of the Coggins family after George's death in 1920. Probate was granted to three male relatives.


Editor's note: You can read more about Jack and the Dog Corps he joined on page 6 of The First World War  in The Supplement, A Parish at War