You can use the Deddington News (DN) Archive in a couple of ways.

The easiest is to follow the Images link to select first the issue, then the page of interest. Please note that these files are quite large, so may take a few moments to download.

Alternatively, you can consult the Text search facility. Every scanned page has been converted to text (this process is called OCR) using special software. This is far from being a perfect process, especially with the varied formats in the DN. Additionally, because it is not perfect, you should not rely on the Text Contents to be infallible

Copyright and Downloading

Please do respect the fact that the DN Archive is copyright material. It is permissible to make use of modest extracts for educational, personal research or private use.

Also, as this is a considerable body of data, we would ask that you do not download large portions of the Archive as you may cause us to incur additional bandwidth charges on our web server. If you feel you need such access, we would be delighted to speak to you in advance. You may contact us at if you wish to discuss details.